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Founded in 1987 as a new proposal in the market for Industrial Assembly, Maintenance and Building Installations, Engineering Engecampo the accumulated experience, customers won and formed its staff over the years that constituted his career until today.

Today the company has considerable technical collection, having already run operations from various degrees of complexity and dimensions. Working throughout the national territory, Engecampo Engineering is backed by resources and logistics that allow for adequate procedures to effectively meet all their contractual obligations. Having a policy of continuous development in their production processes and management, the company grows every challenge posed by the client, adapting to each new situation and investing in finding a solution optimized to meet a particular transaction.

Among the values that the company has, is an outstanding care for the personal safety of its employees and contractors. It is also an object of extreme care, the natural environment may be modified by its operations, which seeks to preserve its balance and guarantee a play absolutely secure.

Thus, with a focus on customer needs, with the set of available resources and with its philosophy of management, engineering Engecampo proves an effective ally to the success of your business.

ENGECAMPO - Engenharia Industrial
Sistema de Gestão Integrada - SGI Selo 30 anos Selo Programa de Integridade   Porto Alegre, RS
Av. Paraná, 2000 - São Geraldo
Zip Code 90240-602
Phone +55 51 3337.2122
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Rua Senador Dantas, 118 - Salas 403/404
Zip Code 20.031-205
Phone +55 (21) 2282-1330