ENGECAMPO provides the Interested Parties the following Communication Channels in order to answer doubts about specific situations related to the Integrity program and the Code of conduct and Ethics, as well as report potential noncompliance with the Integrity program and/or Code of conduct and Ethics:

• Phone: (51) 3337-2122 (Report complaint).
• Website: www.engecampo.com.br/integridade.php
• E-mail: integridade@engecampo.com.br
• • Letter: Addressed to ENGECAMPO ENGENHARIA LTDA. – CENTRAL DE INTEGRIDADE: Av. Paraná, 2000 – CEP: 90240-602 – Porto Alegre/RS

Watch out!

Reporting circumstances which might indicate a violation and reports of violation of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, policies and procedures of ENGECAMPO or of anti-corruption laws are serious situations and, therefore, reports or complaints made incorrectly made may be the reason for the application of disciplinary measures.

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