OPERATION 17325 RLAM (Contract 5650.0105232.17.2)

  • 29/01/2018

In December / 17, ENGECAMPO successfully concluded for PETROBRAS / RLAM the Unit 39 maintenance stoppage (duration of 29 days), performing maintenance services on Tower E-3901 and auxiliary systems . The contractual term was 240 days, and its final will occur on 05/15/18.

The beginning of the preparations for the execution of the services occurred on 07/08/17, with the executive deadline being reduced (we executed in 23 days and 14 hours). ENGECAMPO was the only companies participating in this RLAM event to deliver the units for return to operation on time. ENGECAMPO's excellent performance was mainly due to the investment in the hiring of best human resources and materials, anticipation in the execution of the preparations and innovation in the implementation of projects.

160 professionals were involved, with no accidents.

In addition to the scope originally envisaged, ENGECAMPO performed some additional services.

The highlights in QSMS were:

Successful delivery and approval of all procedures and projects required by the contractor; General DDS and specific DDS per team according to critical activity; Removal of the structured filling (approximately 270 m³) without sulfation; Protection scaffold in 180 ° in the passage of access to tower; Visual and verbal communication with the workforce.

The highlights of the production team were:

Design and assembly of the scaffolding for pre-assembly of all the internal parts ; Design and assembly of extended platforms with dimensions and supports superior to the standard already executed (6x7mts Maximum Capacity of Support 16.8 Tons), aiming optimization of load machine and speed up in the removal and installation of equipment internals; Design and assembly of the duct filling throughout the tower to discard the structured fillings (approximately 270 m³).

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