OPERATION 17319 REGAP (Contract 5600.0103.007.16.2)

  • 29/01/2018

In October / 17 ENGECAMPO successfully completed the maintenance services for Heat Exchangers and Auxiliary Systems during the Stops of Cracking Units (CCF-II), Distillation (UDAV-I), Hydrotreatment (U-206 , U-210 and U-513) at PETROBRAS / REGAP (Gabriel Passos Refinery), totaling 188 heat exchangers.

238 professionals were involved, with no accidents.

The highlights of QSMS were:

1. Leadership example - ENGECAMPO's commitment starts with the example of senior management, contract management, supervisors and managers, all involved and committed, in 1st place in the SAFETY of employees;
2. Focus on safe behavior - All employees were involved in SAFE BEHAVIOR, participating and complying with safety recommendations and procedures;
3. Successful delivery and approval of all procedures and projects required by the contractor;
4. General DDS and specific DDS per team according to critical activity;
5. Visual and verbal communication with the workforce;
6. High pressure water jetting Services: 1.1 Mobilization of automated equipment to perform internal and external cleaning of the bundles, reducing exposure to risk;
1.2 Accessory for internal hull cleaning avoiding work in confined space;
1.3 Pneumatic equipment for beam cleaning in the industrial area with three simultaneous tubes with remote control;
1.4 All equipment, accessories and PPE used were from authorized and trained suppliers;

The highlights of the production team were:

1. Performed approximately 540 TH (Hydrostatic Testing);
2. Performed more than 370 ENDs (Non-Destructive Testing).

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