Ethical and fair conduct has guided the company over its 30 years of history and shall always be the base upon which the corporate activities are supported. Ethics, integrity, transparency and total commitment to the law is condition for the harmonic and sustainable development we expect and shall always guide the relationship between ENGECAMPO and all its interest public. We must constitute healthy and transparent relationships with everyone, be it employees, clients, suppliers or communities where we work, which on a temporal perspective may be remembered as something that significantly impacted their histories. Therefore, in order to guide our daily actions in our activities we launch the review of our Code of Conduct and Ethics, adding norms and procedures that safely lead us on the way of ethics, integrity and compliance with the laws related to such an important subject.

I kindly ask every ENGECAMPO employee to carefully read our Code of Conduct and Ethics, comment his/her possible doubts to his/her immediate boss and during the training courses about the subject. In the Code the norms that guide our corporate behavior are set forth, as well as the precepts of ethics and integrity we should follow. In it, you will find valuable guidance towards how to proceed in work situations in order to always keep the correct attitude.

Another important initiative that accompanies the new edition of the Code is the Integrity Central, which has been recently implanted. It will be possible to report any activity that might seem inconsistent with the Code. The access channels to the Central will be our webpage You can be sure that all issues reported to this channel shall be absolutely top secret and shall be investigated.

Finally, I invite all our collaborators, managers and shareholders to make a commitment with themselves and with ENGECAMPO, in order to adopt the precepts and behaviors indicated in our Code, so that we can all be guardians of ethics and the reputation of our company. In addition to making it with quality and efficiency, let us do it with ethics and integrity as well. Come and join those who, day after day, build and strengthen our corporate culture.

Porto Alegre, 26 de outubro de 2017.

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