Medical Prescription

- 1 item of 1 pill of integrity by DDS;
- 1 item of 1 pill of Integrity by Meeting;
- 1 item of 1 pill of Integrity by Presentation;
- Inclusion of the Vitamin E (Ethics) pill at Audicomp;
- Inclusion of the Vitamin R (Respect) pill at Audicomp;
- Inclusion of the Principles pill at Audicomp.

Pills of Vitamin A (Anti-corruption)

1. It is forbidden the delivery, promise or offer of any type of payment, commission, gift or remuneration to any public authority, employees, executives or managers of private companies or entities;
2. It is forbidden to offer support or contribution without previous written approval by ENGECAMPO;
3. All collaborators MUST refuse any offer or requirement of payment, commissions, gifts or remunerations;
4. Money laundering is a crime in the Brazilian legislation and a forbidden practice in businesses made by ENGECAMPO;
5. Acting in an ethical and transparent form to the detriment of one’s personal interest affecting one’s ability of decision;
6. Abstain from receiving benefits that constitute retribution or obtainment of improper advantage;
7. Establish transparent relationships and never take advantage of your position in order to obtain personal gains or from third parties;
8. The gifts and souvenirs are considered promotional pieces since they do not raise in those who receive them a feeling or duty of offering improper advantages;
9. It is forbidden to all collaborators in disagreement with the Code of Conduct and Ethics and the applicable law, the delivery and receipt of souvenirs and gifts in cash or gift vouchers;
10. The payment of expenses to Public Authorities or individuals and legal entities is only permitted to the fulfillment of a contract and if specifically provided in it.

Pills of Vitamin E (Ethics)

1. Know, comply and enforce the compliance of the Code of Conduct and Ethics of ENGECAMPO;
2. Practice the professional activities with competence, transparency and respect, offering suggestions for the improvement of the quality of processes, products and services of the company and preserve its assets, image, interests, holding liability for the job, accuracy of all information given;
3. Try to be permanently updated in technical and professional terms, contributing to the adoption of such conduct by everyone;
4. Preserve the physical, intellectual and material assets of ENGECAMPO;
5. Preserve documents, registers, records and information systems unaltered, keeping their reliability;
6. Do not manifest on behalf of ENGECAMPO if not authorized and able to do so;
7. During the period of work, do not carry alcohol or illegal drugs or make use of them in the premises of ENGECAMPO or contractors;
8. Stimulate collaborative work with respect to individuality and the search for agreement;
9. Contribute to an environment of mutual respect;
10. Do not act with discrimination (including jokes and nicknames) in relation to: race, gender, sexual orientation, age, civil status, religion, social class, nationality, political convictions, physical conditions or any other form of disrespectful and prejudiced treatment.

Pills of Vitamin R (Respect)

1. Decisions about hiring, promotion, firing, transfer, compensation and training must be taken based on criteria related to work, such as, for example, education level, experience, skills performance, values and leadership. Race, color, religion, sex, age, civil status, sexual orientation, place of origin and deficiency should not influence career decisions;
2. Moral and sexual harassment, embarrassment or intimidation shall not be accepted, either in attitudes or words;
3. Leaderships shall never use their hierarchical positions to practice favors, threats, ask for favors or personal services to their subordinates;
4. Moral harassment may occur under the following forms: verbal offenses; humiliating treatment or threats;
5. Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted conduct of sexual character, under verbal, non-verbal or physical forms with the objective to disturb or embarrass someone, intimidate or affect his/her dignity;
6. Keep any personal information about colleagues and other collaborators secret;
7. Provide and allow the access of updated information to employees in relation to labor, union and legal relationships;
8. Allow and provide, whenever necessary, access to personal information of the requesting employees;
9. Commitment with Quality, Safety and Occupational Health and Environment;
10. Practice and take care for the maintenance of the Management System and Management policy of Quality Management, Safety and Occupational Health and Environment.

Pills of Principles

I. Comply with the Laws, Rules, Agreements and Contracts;
II. Follow the Code of Conduct and Ethics of ENGECAMPO;
III. Value the reputation and integrity of ENGECAMPO;
IV. Preserve the lawfulness, honesty, justice, transparency and truth;
V. Preserve the personal and professional integrity of third parties;
VI. Do not omit, use or support child labor in any activity;
VII. Do not omit, use or support forced or compulsory child labor in any activity;
VIII. Do not omit, use or support any type of discrimination under any form of abuse, coercion, threatening conduct or differentiation of ethnic, social, religious or sexual origin;
IX. Preserve the Health and Safety of collaborators and other interested parties;
X. Preserve the Environment.

Pills of vitamin R (Responsibility)

Engecampo considers the following conducts unacceptable and forbidden:

I. Any form of corruption, extortion and fraud;
II. Any practice of undue appropriation, fraudulent misrepresentation, tax evasion or any unfair and illegal practices;
III. Any form of illegal incentive such as offering and accepting bribes;
IV. Forgery of documents, reports, financial statements and structuring of transactions in order to violate the approval processes and other internal controls.

Clinical Reevaluation

- Integrity Auditing every 6 months.

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